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February 2, 2024

How a Simple Pressure Measurement Keeps Wastewater Flowing Through the Muffin Monster

This article was originally published on veteran wastewater treatment plant operator has a story about the most outrageous thing someone’s flushed. Kids’ toys, cell phones, jewelry, and money make…
January 12, 2024

Level Measurement 101: Understanding Differential Pressure

This article was originally published on two pressure measurement values and a little math, differential pressure can calculate level, flow, interface, and even density. Process engineers know and trust…
December 9, 2023

Discovering Mara Moja: Your Unseen Partner for Industrial Excellence

Mara Moja Commercial Agencies Limited is not just a name; it's a promise – a promise to deliver, a promise to support, and a promise to ensure that your industrial…
December 2, 2023

How to Measure Resistance with a Digital Multimeter

This article was originally published on Digital multimeters, Fundamentals Why measure resistance? To determine the condition of a circuit or component. The higher the resistance, the lower the current flow, and…
November 27, 2023

What is a Thermal Multimeter?

Digital multimeters Whether you troubleshoot and maintain electrical distribution, HVAC, or rotating equipment you probably use a digital multimeter regularly. You may also use an infrared camera, or thermal camera…
November 15, 2023

How to Track Faults in Overhead Utility Cables

Power quality, Troubleshooting Intermittent faults are notoriously hard to find. If you don’t know when they’ll occur, you need some form of data logging. But to track them down they have…
October 21, 2023

How To Improve System Reliability In Machine Tools With The Right Lubrication System

This article was originally published on used in the machinery industry are increasingly designed for continuous loads at the limits of materials and technology. This places extreme demands on…
October 16, 2023

Realize The True Potential Of Lubrication For Your Application

This article was originally published on lubrication is vital to the life of bearings, gears and chains. Like any mechanical system, moving parts in a food and beverage plant need…