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How To Improve System Reliability In Machine Tools With The Right Lubrication System

By October 21, 2023February 21st, 2024Insights

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Components used in the machinery industry are increasingly designed for continuous loads at the limits of materials and technology. This places extreme demands on lubrication. Challenges can include ingress of cutting fluid, contamination and humidity from machining, temperature and heat control. The reliability of these components depends on precise, demand-based lubrication.

And it’s really crucial to make it work. Improper lubrication – too much, too little, the wrong type, or contaminated lubricant – accounts for up to 36 % of premature bearing failures. And beyond bearings, lubrication contributes to the reliable operation of chains, cutting tools, linear guides and more.

SKF provide a complete portfolio of lubrication solutions – from manual to automatic lubrication systems for bearings, linear drives and spindles, as well as minimal quantity lubrication for cutting processes and coolant pumps. We also offer fluid pumps for machining processes, and lubrication systems for hydrostatic bedways, chains, presses and assembly processes.

We can also assist you in optimizing lubrication settings and intervals and in developing a customized lubrication programme.

Advantages of SKF lubrication solutions include increased productivity, reduced total cost of ownership and a safer and healthier, more environmentally friendly workplace – find out more about the opportunities.