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Industrial End-to-End Conveying Solutions

Reputation, Expertise, and a Portfolio of Excellent Products


Get the Job Done Right

Rexnord’s products and services have a reputation for keeping the industry moving. Their precision engineering, industry knowledge, and outstanding experience ensure each product is high-quality and built to last.

At Mara Moja, we have a team of customer service experts ready to help you find the right fit to meet the unique needs of your application. When the cost of failure and downtime is high, rely on us to keep your industry moving.

Our Partners

Rexnord delivers top-quality products for even the toughest applications. Known worldwide as an industry leader, Rexnord products keep equipment running smoothly. Built to last, using the highest quality Rexnord-tough materials, Rexnord solutions stand up to any situation and any environment.

Rexnord offers components for many industries and applications including transportation, mining, energy, food, beverage, and manufacturing. When you need industrial products to fit complex systems, even in harsh or corrosive environments, you can rely on Rexnord.

Conveying Solutions
Industrial Chains
Power Transmission Drive Components