In line with our Vision of being a world class procurement and supply company, the Trading division has over twelve major companies in its client base including East African breweries Ltd, Kenchic Ltd,Brookside dairy Ltd,Farmers choice, East African Packaging Industries, Bamburi Cement, Magadi soda,Kengen, Kenya power& lighting company among others.
Some of our stock items include but are not limited to;

  • Automotive Equipment Spare parts;
  • accessories and maintenance products,
  • wheel balancer,
  • garage service tools – wrenches,
  • bars stud extractors etc,
  • panel beating tools among others.
  • Chains: Rollers,
  • Conveyors,
  • high tensile and slat chains together with chain accessories.

Engineering and Industrial Equipment;

  • machinery tools,
  • accessories and spares,
  • oil pumps,
  • lathe machines and tools,
  • cylinder boring machine,
  • electrical testers,
  • machines,
  • working machines,
  • hydraulic press,
  • spray guns,
  • milling machines,
  • circular saw,
  • planner blades,
  • sanding discs,
  • grinding wheels,
  • engineering files,
  • hacksaw blades.

Hardware materials and tools,

  • stainless steel mesh,
  • steel studs,
  • screws,
  • nuts,
  • rivets,
  • Allen keys,
  • carbide tools,
  • bits,
  • bolts and nuts,
  • anvils,
  • soldering irons,
  • measuring tapes,
  • nylon rods,
  • nails fencing staples,
  • roofing nails,
  • pulling and extracting tool,
  • clamps,
  • pillars,
  • cutters and wood screws .

Others are Industrial Safety equipment, Industrial Belting, Valves, mechanical seals and refrigeration components.

Workshop tools, instruments and accessories; such as spanners, hammers, clamps, gauges etc Furthermore, we have repair kits, welding equipment and electrical tools

We provide a wide range of goods that we source both locally and abroad. We procure and supply genuine