Maramoja Commercial Agencies LTD was formed in 2001 for the purpose of trading in various commodities. The first three years were spent in trading in telecommunication equipment including mobile phones. In seven short years, we have diversified into electrical and trading divisions which have both grown robustly. In 2009, our turnover was over thirty million Kenya Shillings. This year’s targets are even higher.

The two divisions have continued to grow in leaps and bounds. In 2008 alone a turnover of over fifteen million Kenya shillings was realized. Through our contacts in the USA, Europe, Asia and South Africa, we are able to promptly source, procure and deliver authentic goods including those hard to find specialized spares and equipment from any part of the world.

We would therefore be glad to be associated with your esteemed company as a goods and services provider. We believe that our customer oriented approach will be of great benefit to your organization and we can develop a great mutually beneficial relationship.